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Find here all articles with Advanced Poker Strategy tips to improve your tournament and cash game skills, whether you’re grinding online or crushing live poker. 

Poker Timing Tells |

Poker Timing Tells

You raise from the button in a tournament with J-10o. The big blind calls after a couple of seconds. You are both 60 big blinds deep. The board comes 8h-4h-3s. He checks to you. You bet half-pot, about three big blinds. He calls. The turn is the 9 of clubs …
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Folding High Cards Poker Coaching

Who Is Folding High Cards?

One of my greatest frustrations with poker training is how overly complex it is. I’m guilty of this as well. If you watch my early training videos, I was needlessly detailed. Like a kid talking about his favorite toy, I would go through each number on my HUD that I …
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Most Exploitative Line Ever Poker Coaching

The Most Exploitative Line Ever

Let’s put you in a situation: You are on the button with A-Qo. It’s folded around to you in a $100 buy-in tournament in your local casino. You raise. Dustin Richards is in the big blind. He’s a nice guy. He works in waste management. He likes cards and sports, …
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Multiway Pots Poker Coaching

Navigating Multiway Pots

“The one thing I hate about training videos is they always assume I’m playing some high stakes game,” my student says to me. “In every training video I see it’s folded around to the pro, he raises, and only the big blind calls. It’s just this perfect world. Yet, when …
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Dealing with Donk Bets

Dealing with Donk Bets

One of the most perplexing situations you will find yourself in occurs when your opponent bets into you after you were the aggressor on the previous betting round. This play is referred to as a donk bet because for the most part, bad players use donk bets seemingly randomly, but …
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