April Homework

Homework Scenario

You are In a tournament against competent opponents
Hero Position: Big Blind
Stack Size: 40bb

Submit Your Homework

The due date for this homework assignment is 2021-03-15.

If you submit your answers before the due date, it may be reviewed by Jonathan Little on the group coaching webinar on 2021-03-15. Jonathan typically chooses 10 members’ answers to review on the group coaching webinar.

Instructions To Submit Homework

If you’ve never submitted homework below, please check out the following first.

  1. Get familiar with our range analyzer. Most of our homeworks involve some analysis of your range in different spots. It’s located under Tools > Range Analyzer in the Poker Coaching menus.
  2. Please view our instructions video to learn more about the range analyzer.
  3. Make sure you have an account on the PokerCoaching.com forums. If you haven’t used the forums yet, you will need to create an account and password because it’s on a different system than the PokerCoaching.com website.

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