3-Betting Strategies

7-Day Challenge Poker Coaching

Designed to develop a FUNDAMENTALLY SOUND 3-betting strategy in just 7 days. Completing the Challenge will increase your win rate and be a much tougher opponent to play against!

3-Betting Challenge Overview

  • 3-Betting Concepts with Jonathan Little
  • 3-Betting In-Position and Out-Of-Position with Lexy Gavin and Evan Jarvis
  • Facing A Raise with Jonathan Little
  • 3-Betting Strategy with Lexy Gavin
  • Polar vs. Linear 3-Betting Ranges with Matt Affleck
  • 3-Bet Pots Out-Of-Position and Blind vs. Blind with Matt Affleck and Alex Fitzgerald
  • Adjusting Your 3-Betting Strategy to Your Stack Depth with Jonathan Little
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