Learn HOW TO RUN DEEP IN LARGE FIELD TOURNAMENTS from Our Newest Coach Aram Zobian who finished 6th in the 2018 WSOP Main Event for $1.8 Million!
This course teaches you how to run deep in more large field tournaments with a focus on exploitative play, navigating the different stages of a tournament, and consistently performing at a high level all while getting to see Aram’s WSOP Main Event Final Table run where he cashed for $1.8 million as well as recent online large field tournaments.
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In this course, you will learn:
  • How to identify different player types
  • Why exploiting recreational players in large field tournaments can yield so much profit
  • How to extrapolate information to use something you observed hours ago to help you make decisions in a hand
  • How to exploit players on the bubble
  • How to exploit players at the final table
  • How to use your big stack to your advantage
  • And much more!

Running deep in big field tournaments is more than just playing good poker.

It’s about understanding and exploiting different player types, knowing when to take on high-variance spots versus when to fold and preserve your stack.

It’s about having the endurance and being able to play your best for days on end.

It’s easy to exploit horrible poker players, but it takes an immense amount of experience, focus, and confidence to constantly exploit good players. Aram is able to gain an edge by using hyper-exploitative strategies and focusing more on what will work well versus each specific opponent rather than what a computer would do in this spot.

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Cash Game Masterclass
Jonathan Little's Cash Game Masterclass teaches you everything you need to know to crush cash games.
  • 29 Lessons With Quizzes To Test Your Understanding
  • Preflop strategy including how to deal with limpers, raises, 3-bets and 4-bets.
  • Postflop strategy including when and how much to bet, what to do when facing a raise, with example hands
  • Special topics including bankroll management, deep stacked play, shallow stacked play and straddle pots.
This Masterclass covers all aspects of cash game poker, including:
  • Preflop (all stack depth)
  • Postflop (all stack depth)
  • Playing In-Position
  • Playing Out-Of-Position
  • Bet Sizing
  • Playing from the Blinds
  • Playing with Range Advantage
  • Playing without Range Advantage
  • Exploitative Adjustments
  • Short Stack Adjustments
  • Limped Pots
  • 3-Bet Pots / 4-Bet Pots
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New Course: Crushing Cash Games
With hours of live play & explain videos and short topic-based modules, Jonathan Little will teach you how to exploit small stake cash game players to crush live and online cash games.
  • Hours of live play & explain videos
  • Short topic-based modules
  • Learn how to exploit small stakes cash game players
  • Crush live and online cash games
members get FREE ACCESS to Jonathan Little's New Cash Game Masterclass.
All-New Cash Game Masterclass
In this completely new masterclass, Jonathan Little teaches you everything you need to know to crush small and medium stakes cash games.
  • 32+ Hours
  • 156 Lessons
  • Numerous hand examples
  • Quizzes for most of the lessons
  • Online and live cash games
  • 100 bbs and 200 bbs
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30-Day Cash Game Challenge

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This challenge will cover all topics you need to play a solid winning strategy in cash games.

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Tournament Masterclass
In this 180-lessons Masterclass, Jonathan Little teaches you everything you need to know to play every stage of a poker tournament optimally, maximally exploit your opponents, and maximize your tournament equity.
  • 30+ Hours
  • 180 Lessons
  • Numerous hand examples
  • Quizzes for most of the lessons
  • Type: Online and live tournaments, all stakes
members get FREE ACCESS to Our New 30-Day Tournament Challenge.
NEW 30-Day Tournament Challenge

Transform your tournament game in just 30 days!

Each day, you'll watch a video from Jonathan Little or one of our world-class coaches. You'll also get a daily quiz to make sure you're learning the key concepts you need to learn.

This challenge will fundamentally change the way you play poker tournaments!

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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