Preflop Strategies

This is where it all starts. Your first important decision will form the foundations for how the rest of the hand will play out. A solid preflop strategy ensures that you have the best opportunity to get into a money making situation. Complete the following classes and quizzes and learn how to study preflop ranges, better understand your opponent and be ready to face difficult preflop situations.

Watch the following Classes:

How to Study and ‘Memorize’ Preflop Ranges by Matt Affleck

Learning Your Opponents Through Pre-Flop Play with Jonathan Jaffe

When Facing a Large Preflop Raise

Complete the following Preflop quizzes

Matt Affleck Poker Coaching

Matt Affleck Quiz
Playing QQ Deep-stacked

Matt Affleck Poker Coaching

Matt Affleck Quiz
Multiway from the $600 Wynn

Extra Credit

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