Hero Call Definition – Learn What A Hero Call Is In Poker

A hero call is a poker term for calling a big bet with a weak hand that usually can only win if the opponent is bluffing. This is a high-risk, high-reward play that usually happens on the river and requires experience and great hand-reading skills.

For example, let’s say your opponent overbets the pot on Qs Js 8c 5d 2s and goes all in on the river while you are holding AsJd. If you decide to call, that would be a clear hero call since you can only win if your opponent is bluffing because you are not beating any hands he is betting for value.

That said, since you hold As as a blocker for a nut flush, there is no chance your opponent has the nuts here, which would be the prime candidate to overbet in such a situation. Therefore, you might consider hero calling based on the previous actions in the hand and your reads.

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