Navigating Multiway Pots

“The one thing I hate about training videos is they always assume I’m playing some high stakes game,” my student says to me. “In every training video I see it’s folded around to the pro, he raises, and only the big blind calls. It’s just this perfect world. Yet, when I go play $1.00/$2.00 live …

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How to Deal With Bad Players in No-Limit Hold’em

Your bankroll has your cornered into playing small-stakes games with some pretty shoddy players. You want to develop your game, but that’s hard to do when you’re surrounded by mice and fish. It’s even harder to endure when the lack of skill from these players makes for some loose, boneheaded plays – loose, boneheaded plays …

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Dealing with Donk Bets

One of the most perplexing situations you will find yourself in occurs when your opponent bets into you after you were the aggressor on the previous betting round. This play is referred to as a donk bet because for the most part, bad players use donk bets seemingly randomly, but if used with a well-balanced …

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Quiz: Live Cash Game IQ

Do you have what it takes to crush live cash games? Try our quiz and see how well you exploit your opponents!

Quiz: 3-betting Concepts

Knowing when to 3-bet preflop and how much to bet will make you a much better player. Take our quiz to see how you stack up!