Quiz: Have You Mastered The Fundamentals

Test your knowledge of the Fundamentals of Poker! 

If you get a 10/10 on this quiz, you are a crusher! Make sure to share your score at the end.

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    Paul Matheson

    Question #6. Stack to Pot Ratio (SPR): You’re playing $2/$5 ($500 effective) and raise to $15 from the CO, BTN 3-bets to $45 and you proceed to 4-bet to $120, the opponent calls. What is the SPR on the flop?





    Explanation: After 4-betting to $120, you have $380 in your stack while the pot size is $247. 380/247 = ~1.5.
    IN the question above wouldn’t you have 365 left in your stack and pot be 262 ? not that it makes a huge difference to the spr

  2. You have KhTh on an Ah-9h-Jd-2d board. How many outs do you have to the absolute nuts? 11, but the answer is not there.

    9 Hearts for flush + Only the Qs Qc makes absolute nuts.
    Qh already accounted and Qd makes backdoorflush which makes you a nut-hand but the absolute nut-hands that make sense are Ad + K / Q / T of diamonds

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