Run It Twice Definition – Learn What Run it Twice Is In Poker

The poker, the term run it twice refers to situations when two players go all-in and agree to deal the remaining cards two times.

If players agree to run the hand multiple times, it is played as separate poker hands, and the pot is split in half to be rewarded to the winner of each hand. A player can win both of the hands or just one of the hands, in which case he is rewarded half of the pot.

Running it twice does not impact your long-term results, but it reduces the variance in any given situation, so it is a valuable tool to consider. It is worth mentioning that this play is only possible in cash games since the MTT format does not allow it.

For example, you move all in with AcKc on Kd8s3s with a top pair against AsTs, and both of you agree to run it twice. This means that the dealer will deal the turn and river two times. Let’s assume the turn is Ts and the river is Td in the first run and the next time, the dealer deals Ah and 2c.

In this particular scenario, your opponent would win the first hand with a runner runner trips, and you would win the second hand with two pairs, essentially splitting the pot in half. If one of you would win both of the hands, that player would take the entire pot.

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