Angle Shooting Definition – Learn What Is Angle Shooting In Poker

Angle shooting is a broad term for any unfair or underhanded intentional tactic a player might perform to get an advantage over their opponent. While angle shooting falls in the gray area when it comes to cheating in poker, it is certainly an unscrupulous move done with the intent of gaining an edge.

A common example of angle shooting is when a player subtly simulates a move that can be interpreted as an intention to check. However, after the dealer misunderstands their movement as a check and the action moves on, they indicate that they didn’t actually make a decision. Still, in the time that the action continued, they had a few seconds to gauge other players’ reactions to this unethical move.

Other examples of angle shooting could be string betting, fake folding, hiding big denomination chips, or even trying to peek at your opponent’s hole cards.

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