Rampage Poker Bluffs Garrett Adelstein For $150,000

Rampage Poker Bluffs Garrett Adelstein For $150,000

As his popularity grows, WSOP bracelet winner and poker YouTuber Ethan “Rampage Poker” Yau continues to garner attention as he makes dynamic moves in high profile cash games. Becoming a popular regular on the Hustler Casino live streamed cash game, Rampage’s confidence at the table remains steadfast despite the presence of resident crusher Garrett Adelstein. No strangers to each other after a number of encounters, both players would let chips fly while getting loose with suited connectors.

The Game: $50/$100/$200 Cash Game
Blinds: $50/$100/$200 with $500 straddle
Stack Sizes: 636 Big Blinds Effective

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Rampage Poker Versus Garrett Adelstein – Preflop Action

Folded to on the button, Rampage would look down at 54and raise it preflop to $1,300. Serving as the big blind and not wanting to play 10♠9♠ out of position, Adelstein would three-bet the WSOP Circuit crusher to $5,200. Holding a vulnerable hand that could flop extremely well, Rampage made the call.

From the button playing extremely deep stacked, Rampage effectively expanded his preflop raising range by raising with the 54. Adelstein also effectively played his range by three-betting Rampage from the small blind. When playing from the small blind, you should mostly three-bet or fold your entire range to avoid playing the entirety of a hand out of position. Holding 10♠9♠ the G-Man expertly three-bet with a decent hand that didn’t mind inducing a preflop fold.

With the lack of initial strength 54 has preflop, a lot of players would assume folding would have been in Rampage’s best interest, but that could not be farther from the truth. When you are playing extremely deep stacked, hands with the potential to flop well (like 5-4 suited) can be played soundly preflop especially when you have position. Rampage would call Adelstein’s $5,200 bet, taking it to the flop.

Rampage Poker Versus Garrett Adelstein – Flop Action

The Pot: $11,250
The Board: J-10-8
Effective Stack: 610 Big Blinds Effective

Flopping an open-ended straight draw, Adelstein checked to Rampage who fired out for $6,500. Having a pair with a draw on the extremely wet board, Adelstein called with hopes of improving on the turn.

On a coordinated board that connected well with his opponent’s range, Adelstein wisely checked it out of position. Almost completely missing the board, Rampage had to decide whether or not to bluff with 54. Facing a world class opponent capable of sniffing out bluffs, Rampage was better off checking and potentially betting on the turn/river as a bluff or if he found some hearts. Rampage should bet when he has a hand he is willing to continue with when check-raised, and 54 doesn’t quite cut it.

Rampage Poker Versus Garrett Adelstein – Turn Action

The Pot: $24,250
The Board: J-10-8-7
Effective Stack: 578 Big Blinds Effective

Just needing to provide the nine, Adelstein checked it out of position after hitting his straight on the turn. Not one for backing down, Rampage would bet again for $16,000 having been provided a flush draw. As if smelling the fear in the air, Adelstein made another call.

Rampage certainly improved when the 7 appeared giving him a flush draw, but he was still in tough shape facing Adelstein’s straight. Despite being behind, Rampage was wise to continue betting following the second check from Adelstein. Rampage’s range consisted of a number of suited connectors that coordinated well with the board, while Adelstein’s range consisted of a few nines (clearly) Rampage had more within his, rationalizing another attempt to get Garrett off the hand.

Having hit his straight, Adelstein wisely called when other players would have raised. Facing an opponent widely known for taking chances with huge bluffs, Adelstein’s call gave Rampage another opportunity to bluff with the worse hand and add value to the pot. While Rampage could have been holding a monster or have gotten there on fifth street, Adelstein kept his poise and hoped for a brick river.

Rampage Poker Versus Garrett Adelstein – River Action

The Pot: $24,250
The Board: J-10-8-7-10♣
Effective Stack: 498 Big Blinds Effective

Holding a straight with a strong blocker, Adelstein checked it yet again to Rampage who only held the pair the board gave him. Going for it with 5-high, Rampage made one final attempt to get Garrett off of the hand betting $45,000.

Checked to with position, Rampage should have two specific bet sizes: a pot-sized bet used for full houses, and a half pot value bet used for straights. If Rampage was going to bluff with one of the two amounts, he should have bluffed using a pot-sized bet size as he was attempting to represent a full house. While Rampage didn’t have any other paths to winning the hand, 54 was a tough hand to bluff with as it failed to provide effective blockers, especially to busted flushes.

Holding a straight and effectively blocking the full house, Adelstein didn’t have too much to worry about as he assessed whether or not to make the $45,000 call. Facing a pro player not giving away any tells, was Adelstein able to sniff out another Rampage bluffing spree?

Result: Adelstein Catches Rampage Speeding

Only needing the nine to complete the straight, Adelstein effectively called Rampage down and let his opponent provide the value. Despite taking another big hit, Rampage continues to provide excitement to the Hustler Casino live stream as it continues to grow in popularity. A special thank you to the team over at Hustler for letting us use footage from the hand, and congratulations to Garrett Adelstein for another profitable appearance.

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