$2/$5 Cash Game in Aruba, South America

Professional poker player Johnnie Vibes has been crushing cash games in Las Vegas and San Diego for years. A true grinder, Johnnie found himself sitting down at the poker table not in Las Vegas or San Diego but in Aruba, South America! Playing abroad, Johnnie went looking for some action and found some in this $2/$5 game.

The Game: $2/$5 Cash Game
Blinds: $2/$5
Stacks Sizes: 100 Big Blinds Effective

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Suited And Connected

Following a limp and an isolation raise for $25, Johnnie would 3-bet $75 on the cutoff with 6-5. Playing a hundred big blinds deep it is imaginable that the 6-5 suited is okay to call, if Johnnie believes he may potentially get raised he should outright fold this hand. A common mistake many people will make with a hand like 6-5 is they will flat call and try to find the nuts on the flop, which fails to counter potential re-raises from players yet to act. By 3-betting Johnnie will win the pot preflop a portion of the time and effectively represents a stronger hand than 6-5.

Johnnie’s 3-bet would induce a call from the limper and a fold from the initial raiser, taking it to the flop.

Floppin’ Bottom Pair

The Pot: $187
The Board: Q♣-9♣-6♠
Effective Stack: 85 Big Blinds Effective

Flopping bottom pair, Johnnie would be checked to by the limper. Before making a decision, Johnnie should consider the range of his opponent before making a bet. Are they a tricky limper holding A-A or are they calling with garbage? Table presence and live tells are critical when making live cash game decisions, if Johnnie has information suggesting a bet here will induce folds and reward him the pot he should make it, but should be wary of players who could raise or even call the bet.

Johnnie would make a continuation bet of $80, bringing a call from the limper.

A Blank Turn

The Pot: $347
The Board: Q♣-9♣-6♠-4
Effective Stack: 69 Big Blinds Effective

With a likely unimportant 4 on the turn, the limper would check it to Johnnie. Much like on the flop, when you bet and get raised with this hand you are in really tough shape. Sometimes when a pair is checked down it is good enough to win at showdown, making Johnnie’s decision to check it back here a quality move.

Big Moves On The River

The Pot: $347
The Board: Q♣-9♣-6♠-4-J♠
Effective Stack: 69 Big Blinds Effective

Following the J♠ on fifth street, the limper would finally get aggressive and slide $200 into the middle. When assessing what the limper may have it is important to acknowledge a lot of draws missed on the river, and it is unlikely they are betting with a jack. If the limper’s table presence suggests they are going to be betting polarized with only a pair of queens or better, calling actually becomes reasonable. With no information on the limper folding is likely the best decision, but if Johnnie has insight that this player does not have the better hand calling can be warranted.

Acknowledging the missed draws that failed to get there Johnnie would make the call, forcing his opponent to reveal the 7♠ and muck the rest. Johnnie Vibes would feel all the good vibes with the perfectly executed hero call, well played J-Vibes!

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