MONSTER BLUFF On The GGPoker Final Table!

MONSTER BLUFF On The GGPoker Final Table!

GGPoker Super Millions Final Table Hand Review

We are back with another hand review from the weekly GGPoker Super Millions tournament. While last time we were reviewing all-in’s with gutshots, this final table featured a monster bluff. With so much exciting final table action, it’s nearly impossible not to review a Super Millions hand each week.

The Game: GGPoker Super Million Online Tournament, $10,000 Buy-In
Blinds: 80,000/160,000, 20,000 ante
Stacks Sizes: 23 Big Blinds Effective

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4-Handed Preflop With An Online Legend

On the small blind, we have none other than Niklas Astedt, a legendary online poker player looking to add to his already staggering career winnings. Despite the potential online poker GOAT acting after him, the player named Oasis expressed no fear limping on the button with K6. While K-6 suited can certainly be playable in some spots, Oasis makes an error by not just limping into a bigger stack, but doing so with a 4 blind stack remaining at this final table. When this late in a tournament, the payout implications are huge between finishing spots, especially in a tournament like the GGPoker Super Millions. With all of this considered, Oasis should find a fold in this spot, because his limp brings a strategic raise from Astedt, who makes it 4 big blinds with A♠T♣. Oasis would make the call, bringing the flop.

3 Blanks On The Board

The Pot: 1,520,000
The Board: 3♣-7-9
Effective Stack: 3,069,009

With two over cards, Astedt seemingly has a killer instinct telling him he’s ahead, and makes a bet of 367,500, effectively applying pressure to Oasis without risking too many chips. With it being only a bet worth a fifth of the pot, Oasis, maybe reluctantly, finds a call with an aim to improve on the turn.

High Stakes With Just High Cards

The Pot: 2,255,000
The Board: 3♣-7-9-3
Effective Stack: 2,701,509

The 3 brings a non-existent flush draw to both players, but even with just a high card between them, they are determined to outplay each other for poker glory. Niklas elects to check it out of position, potentially opening up a quality bluffing opportunity for Oasis. Even though they have options, this is an incredibly tough spot for Oasis to play. A check here would buy you another card, but checking down a hand with K-high will rarely win you the pot at showdown. On a paired board with the 9 or the 7, Oasis could go for a shove with some equity, but lacking even that on this board makes a bet even more exploitable. Despite all that is at risk, if Oasis is going to have any chance of winning this pot, he must make a low equity bluff bet, as checking to the river would likely ruin his path to taking down the hand. Checking now would fully give up the hand, and while Oasis should bet here, he must do so with the intention of jamming on the river.

Oasis, as if having read this analysis before playing the hand, makes the move and contributes a small bet of 800,000. While their options weren’t great to begin with, this play was likely the wisest from Oasis, but that likely didn’t mean much when they saw Astedt check-raise them all-in. Again, with almost wizard like abilities, Astedt proves why he’s the best in the world by making the perfect move, with the better hand. Clearly outplayed, Oasis would be forced to wave the white flag, and fold the hand.

The Result: Astedt Asserts His Dominance

Utilizing his chip lead and overall ability, Astedt proved why he’s considered one of the best online players ever by out maneuvering his opponent on his way to millions. For more hand analysis on the GGPoker Super Millions, check out this gutshot all-in.

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