SPR Definition – Learn What A SPR Is In Poker

The poker abbreviation SPR stands for Stack to Pot Ratio. As its name implies, it refers to the overall ratio of the effective stack in relation to the current pot. Calculating SPR is a good way to assess the risk-to-reward ratio of any given hand.

SPR is calculated based on the shortest stack in the game by dividing that stack size by the size of the pot.

For example, let’s say you have $750 left, your opponent has $200, and the pot is $50. As your opponent has the shorter stack, the SPR is calculated based on their amount since that is the most that could be played for in the hand. In this case, the SPR is 200/50, making it 4.

SPR is usually used in MTTs rather than cash games, and this number goes down as the level increases. It rapidly decreases in turbo tournaments, which requires strategy adjustments and gives you fewer opportunities to chase draws since you do not have the required odds. Also, if there are multiple players in the hand with low SPR, this might end up with a few of the players moving all in and creating side pots.

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