GGPoker Super Millions Final Table

While we have reviewed GGPoker Final Tables in the past, we have yet to review one featuring Isaac Haxton, one of the best in the game known for his high stakes poker prowess. With seven players remaining, can Haxton find a hero call and prove why he’s one of the best in the world?

The Game:  GGPoker Super Millions
Blinds: 25,000/50,000, 6,000 ante
Stacks Sizes: 15 Big Blinds Effective

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Options On The Button

With standard tournament payout structures (especially on GGPoker), you are highly incentivized to try and reach certain finishing places when there are remaining players with less chips than you. Before examining his hole cards, an accomplished poker player like Isaac Haxton would recognize that while he has only 15 big blinds, the player to his left only has 10 remaining.

Acknowledging his current standing in the tournament, Haxton is folded around to, and virtually looks down at A♠6♣. In this spot, Haxton has a plethora of options on how to proceed, as his unsuited A-6 has value as a shove, as a min-raise, and even as a fold. With the equity his two cards have, Haxton should play the hand, but do so with a sound plan that benefits his hand strength. A limp in this spot could easily be three-bet, making a standard min-raise the proper play, which Haxton does for 100,000. With almost six times the amount of chips as Haxton, the player known as yfii-bestcrypto makes the call.

A Marginal Pair With Position

The Pot: 267,000
The Board: 8-K-6
Effective Stack: 13 Big Blinds

Despite the superior stack, bestcrypto would check it out of position to Haxton. Head’s-up facing the big blind, Haxton could certainly be ahead with his marginal pair of six’s with top-kicker. While he could in fact be ahead, Haxton could potentially make a somewhat difficult spot even more difficult if he bets and gets re-raised by the bigger stack. Considering the payout implications and the potential to win the hand if checked down, Haxton returns the check.

A Jab On The Turn

The Pot: 267,000
The Board: 8-K-6-5♠
Effective Stack: 13 Big Blinds

With the 5♠ on the turn, bestcrypto would take a stab at the pot for 115,000. Holding a marginal pair and being offered an equitable call, Haxton would make said call taking the hand to fifth street.

Who Has The 7?

The Pot: 497,000
The Board: 8-K-6-5♠-4
Effective Stack: 10 Big Blinds

The 4 on the river would open up any 7 to take down the pot, but would either player have it? On the button, Haxton knows a 7 could certainly be in his opponent’s range, but if they don’t have it, his paired 6 with an ace kicker could bring the critical pot home to his stack. Despite holding the 7 or otherwise, bestcrypto would apply proper short-stack pressure to Haxton, leading out with a bet of 322,000. Taking into account all of the value hands, bluffs, and combinations in bestcrypto’s range, the estimated equity of the hand suggests Haxton breaks about even when calling it down. While folding is likely the favored decision in this spot, Haxton would elect to make the call.

Result: Haxton Proves Why He’s The Best

Making the hero call, Haxton’s bravery would pay off as his opponent would reveal JT♣, exposing a strategic yet failed river bluff. Despite not winning the tournament, another final table appearance would add to Haxton’s already impressive poker accolades.

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