Hustler Casino Live and PokerGO Announce $1,000,000 High Stakes Cash Games

Hustler Casino Live and PokerGO Announce $1,000,000 High Stakes Cash Games

What is better than one of the biggest poker productions announcing a jaw-dropping, $1,000,000 buy-in cash game? How about two of the biggest poker productions in the industry announcing plans to host a series of $1,000,000 buy-in cash games? There has never been a better time to be a fan of high stakes poker, as both Hustler Casino Live and PokerGO’s No Gamble, No Future have announced plans to air what will be some of the biggest live-streamed cash games in poker history. As game details and line-ups are slowly released, poker fans will not have to wait too much longer to watch some high stakes action.

PokerGO’s No Gamble, No Future Announces Stacked Line-up

The rich get richer.

While fans of Hustler Casino Live eagerly wait for more details to be released regarding HCL’s $1,000,000 buy-in cash games in May, they can enjoy No Gamble, No Future’s own seven-figure buy-in cash game set to take place Friday, February 17th at 3:30 PST. Announced via PokerGO’s official Twitter account, the line-up of No Gamble, No Future’s upcoming high stakes cash game is sure to excite viewers.

No stranger to large buy-ins, high stakes regular Eric Persson is set to make yet another appearance on No Gamble, No Future as he continues to frequent the highest stakes he can find. Persson will not be welcomed to a soft table, however, as high stakes veterans Rob Yong and Patrik Antonius are just a few of the names listed to appear in Friday’s historic cash game. Here is a complete list of who is set to appear in PokerGO’s Rich Get Richer: $1 Million Buy-In Cash Game: Eric Persson, Rob Yong, Patrik Antonius, MJ Gonzales, and Andrew Robl

What To Know and How To Watch The Rich Get Richer

PokerGO’s Rich Get Richer: $1 Million Buy-In Cash Game will be live-streamed from PokerGO Studios in Las Vegas on Friday, February 17th at 3:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. The first three hours of the live-stream will be watchable on PokerGO’s YouTube channel for free, with the remainder of the production only being viewable on PokerGO’s website. If you are a PokerCoaching member who received a free PokerGO subscription with a recent purchase, now is the perfect time to use it!

PokerGO’s $1 Million buy-in cash game will feature an increasing blind structure, with each player required to have $1 million on-hand. Players can sit with their entire $1,000,000, or post $500,000 and start with the option of adding-on another $500,000 later in the session. Following the official announcement of the upcoming game, Eric Persson tweeted an announcement of his own. Not only did Persson share that $600,000 would be rewarded to the biggest winner of the $1 million cash game, he also hinted the contest may span multiple days/sessions.

Eric Persson

You can follow Eric Persson on Twitter at @IAMMaverick888

Ryan Feldman Announces Hustler Casino Live’s Biggest Game Yet

Million dollar game.

A few days after PokerGO’s announcement of their Rich Get Richer: $1 Million Buy-In Cash Game, Hustler Casino Live executive producer and owner Ryan Feldman shared some exciting news of his own. Taking part in the Hustler Casino Live Pre-Game Show with Max Pain Monday game-runner DGAF, Feldman announced Hustler’s plan to host their own $1,000,000 cash game live stream titled The Million Dollar Game

Scheduled to take place in May, Feldman fielded questions on not only the structure of the game, but who may be making an appearance in one of the biggest cash games in poker history.

Hustler Casino Live Continues To Make Poker History

In May of 2022, Hustler Casino welcomed not only some of poker’s best in Phil Hellmuth, Tom Dwan, and Phil Ivey, but they also gave viewers the opportunity to watch content creators like Ludwig, Ninja, and MrBeast mix-it-up with poker legends. Garnering thousands of viewers, many of whom were new to the game of poker, Hustler facilitated a historic poker game they hope to top with The Million Dollar Game.

Although The Million Dollar Game shares some similarities with PokerGO’s own million dollar cash game, Ryan Feldman made it clear Hustler’s variation would differ. While the No Gamble, No Future production will feature increasing blinds and $600,000 allocated to the biggest winner, HCL’s Million Dollar Game will remain a traditional cash game with blinds set at $500/$1,000.

With the close proximity of announcements and stark similarities between both HCL’s The Million Dollar Game and PokerGO’s Rich Get Richer, naturally questions of competition and a budding rivalry were asked. Feldman assured HCL fans there was no ill-will towards PokerGO, and voiced his support of their upcoming, high stakes game.

“I want to clarify, us [HCL] and PokerGO…it’s not a competition, it’s not a rivalry – we’re friends. We support them, they support us.”

Alan Keating? Garrett Adelstein? Who Will Play In The Million Dollar Game?

Alan Keating making one of his multiple appearances.

High stakes veteran Alan Keating making one of his multiple appearances on Hustler Casino Live

As soon as the announcement of The Million Dollar Game left Feldman’s lips, HCL fans immediately began theorizing who would make the lineup for the historic poker game. Citing high stakes players who had appeared on Hustler in the past for big buy-ins, some notable names immediately came to mind, one of which was fan-favorite Alan Keating

“Keating is a superstar and we want him to be on every one of the biggest shows that we put together,” Feldman said. “And we are confident that we will have him in this game.”

Along with Alan Keating, Feldman hopes to include other established high stakes poker players like Eric Persson. Harkening back to the successful MrBeast stream, Feldman looks to include some big names outside of the poker space as well.

“We’re going to try for MrBeast, we are going to try for people of that elk. We are going to try for everyone.” Feldman said. “We want this to be very, very special. We want this to not only be the biggest game and the most special game in Hustler Casino Live history, we want this to be the most special game in poker history.”

With Hustler hosting what may be the biggest game in poker history, the allure of nosebleed stakes and being a part of poker history will surely inspire players of note to pursue a seat. Still currently on a poker playing hiatus, cash game legend Garrett Adelstein may be eyeing a historic return on The Million Dollar Game.

Garrett Adelstein

You can follow Garrett Adelstein on Twitter at @GmanPoker

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